Big Street entertainment

   Chris Vanderzyden   AUTHOR | ENTREPRENEURIAL CROSS-TRAINER | INSPIRER   CREATER OF SUSTAINED SUCCESS       It is no longer acceptable to tread water in this dynamic and forever changing business environment.  Today, it is imperative that a well-developed strategy and blueprint for sustained success be activated in order to not only survive, but also thrive in this global economy. Chris provides her audience with cutting edge actionable plans and strategies that will ensure that the participant’s goals will be met, profit margins increased and bottom lines maximized.   She takes her audience on a journey of acknowledgment of the current state of their business and provides inspiration and education to guide them to elevate their business.  She discusses the critical actions necessary to create a rockstar business, attain work-life balance, the importance of a mindset of success, and offers her “VICTORY” goal achieving process that guarantees results.   If you are searching for a presenter that provides her audiences with clear fresh ideas that can be immediately implemented to achieve the highest level of success Chris is your gal, and here are the top reasons meeting planners love to hire Chris:             1.   She walks her talk.   Having worked in the corporate sector, and as an entrepreneur growing her own business from zero dollars to millions of dollars in revenue, she empathizes with her audiences’ challenges of business development, maintaining work-life balance and goal achievement and provides her audience with real impactful solutions.   2.   Her presentations rock the house and the meeting planner always looks like a star.   She is a triathlete and her energy is engaging and infectious.  The audience leaves every session inspired, empowered and armed with new information to achieve the level of success they deserve.   3.   She has CPA smarts AND a sense of humor!   Chris captivates her audience with her wit and relatable stories that move the audience to more clarity and new meaning.   4.   She delivers the goods.   Her book, The A-Z Blueprint For Success – a Strategy of Action Steps To Elevate your Business and Life, presents a process to achieve sustained success and she provides her audience with a clear blueprint to attain their success. She tailors every presentation to her audiences needs.       5.   She is a corporate defector.   Having worked for a Big 4 CPA firm and as an asset manager in Los Angeles for years prior to embracing her entrepreneurial spirit, Chris understands the challenges of transitioning and restructuring ones life and career.  Her insights are invaluable and she effectively provides her audience with solutions and choices that ease the frustration.   6.   She cross-trains personal development with business development.   Chris’ programs integrate the importance of personal development within business development.  Our level of success in our business is in direct relation to our level of success in our personal life, and she smoothly weaves the combined impact within her presentations.   7.   She speaks internationally.   Chris has delivered her presentations with an interpreter and finds the meshing of cultures a fun challenge and yes she will slow the cadence of her delivery for the interpreter.   8.   Flexibility is paramount.     Business, life and meetings too, at times present unseen obstacles, and Chris is always flexible and creative when the unexpected happens.   9.   Her presentations are always fresh.           Chris doesn’t do canned presentations.  Every talk is tailored to the audience.   10.                She is a woman.   Period––enough said.